trodax faq

What is a service?

Trodax is a trading system performing transactions on your behalf with the use of manual or automatic trading algorithms. You should simply connect Trodax service to a cryptocurrency exchange, set a currency pair, and choose settings matching your goals. Trodax will trade with the chosen settings and create perfect conditions for making and boosting your profit.

If you don’t want to waste your time examining the essence of transactions, choosing the currency pairs, and stuff like that, but aim to make money without having to do a lot of work, then automatic trading algorithm is just the right choice for you.

If you choose automatic trading algorithm, then hybrid intelligence-based innovative algorithm will select a currency pair and make decisions on entering the market. And you’ll simply follow your transactions.

Our service is very handy and user-friendly; you don’t need to have professional experience in programming or any special technical or trading skills to use If you have a cryptocurrency trading account at any exchange, then you won’t face any problems in Trodax service operation. Our system can be used for trading with any cryptocurrency pair at the following exchanges - Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex, Okex, etc.

Automatic trade mode

You should simply enable exchange’s API, select desired profit-risk ratio, and the bot will start trading without your participation. You can view all actions of the bot online – on our site or in mobile app. The algorithm selects currency pair and the moment for entering the market according to our trading strategy developed on the basis of Hybrid intelligence. You can find more information about our strategy below.

Manual trade mode

You should enable API keys from the exchange. Then you choose a currency pair and set preferable bot settings. Thereupon, you choose the moment for entering the market or can entrust this choice to our system by using various filters.

What is hybrid intelligence? is the first and the only one service implementing a trading strategy on the basis of Hybrid Intelligence. Trading algorithms consist of two components:

We collect forecasts provided by Top traders community and process them in our system. Then our artificial intellect comes into play: it estimates probability of specific scenarios in various and efficient ways including historical data. Thus, we get as much exact data as possible and protect you from highly risky transactions!

What income can I get?

We cannot guarantee a certain profit level as it would be incorrect in relation to users of our service. After all, the market changes very quickly and the things that used to work well previously may become absolutely useless in future. We can only guarantee that we will do our best to improve our hybrid intelligence promptly and continuously for attainment of the best possible result for our users. The statistics shows us that the system trades with profit every day and increase of users’ deposit at the exchanges, on the average, makes 0.05-1%, depending on volatility of a day, profit-risk ratio, and other factors daily.

Is it safe to transfer API keys from the exchange?

We draw our utmost attention to security:

  • The work is done only in your accounts. Funds are kept in your own accounts at exchanges. We do not keep your funds.
  • API-access without withdrawal. You do not provide the service with access to withdrawal of your funds from exchanges, like passwords of your exchange accounts. You have complete control over your money.
  • SSL. Our site works with SSL certificate; all traffic is enciphered.
  • API keys are enciphered. We do not keep your API keys open in a database. They are enciphered with a cutting-edge algorithm, so that even theft of a database won’t give frauds a chance to use them. Moreover, the server where API keys are kept has no external IP address, i.e. it is inaccessible from the Internet.
What is the minimal amount to start with?

As to the minimal deposit in your exchanges accounts, various exchanges have certain restrictions of the minimal transaction and operating of automatic and manual algorithms requires carrying out several transactions. Therefore, we recommend you to have a minimal amount equal to 0.1-0.2 BTC for the highest possible efficiency at every exchange. If you have a smaller deposit you’ll be able to launch only one bot for every currency pair as your deposit won’t suffice for their operation (correct operation requires high percentage of free deposit, so that Trodax could make additional purchases for purchase price averaging in the event of a sharp reduction of price).

Can I trade at exchange independently during a service operation?

You provide the service with access to your account (API key) where it performs transactions independently. You should not perform any transactions in this exchange account at this time; otherwise the service operation will fail. But you can disable the service anytime, wait until all service transactions are finished, and perform your own transactions (e.g. withdrawal of funds). Thereupon, you can restart the service. You can also register additional accounts for manual transactions at exchanges.